Taking ahold..

As a new person to the northbrook community, I choose to be the person that stands out. My entire life, I have been used to change, my education is a huge part of this. I never really knew a lot about what made me different until I was a teenager. The color of my skin made me stand out more, but moving to northbrook made me stand out more. Given, I am not that dark but I’m referred to as “different”. I am a latina. Raised proud and strong. Since I was young, my biggest goal is going to college, to take ahold of my education the way my parents weren’t able to at my age. “What if we made life the curriculum?” A strong quote from What if we Radically Reimagined the New School Year?. We are surrounded by individuals and events that seem to be more impactful than old men fighting in the 1800’s in Europe. Yes, learning these things are important because “history repeats itself”, yet it is repeating itself all over you.

The injustices that black and latinx people are facing are as unprecedented as they’ve been in years. “What if for homework, families had healing conversations?” Yet another impactful quote from the same article. I want to learn about what makes my culture, and the minorities around me, different. Why we cannot take ahold of the same curriculum as GBN. Take it from a young adult who’s been to 6 schools in the span of 10 years.

Year after year graduating classes at GBN are going to big schools like TCU or Purdue, yet city schools are not given that same opportunity. If i had stayed at Amundsen, I probably would’ve ended up going to DePaul or Illinois state. Granted, these are amazing schools yet these kids are not receiving the grade A education that so many take for granted. Instead of getting picked to go to a college based on my straight A grades, I get in as the “race card”. So, I am begging that we see individuals as who they are. That they are given equal opportunities to take ahold of their education the way that I have been blessed to do.

“What if we listened?” instead of pushing our voices aside. 

Published by Samantha Morales

I am a current senior at Glenbrook North Highschool. I am a very outgoing person who loves to be out and about. I have committed to Coe College in Iowa to do Pre-Med.

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